Love for Pianoooo haha I love playing the piano! I've had piano lessons since I was young. I stopped because I felt like the lessons were getting... well.. boring haha. Plus I wasn't that serious with studying the piano anymore. Weirdly enough my love for piano has grown sooo much after I stopped with following lessons. I started learning myself how to play by ear. I mostly love to play just what comes into me. Just close your eyes and play what you feel. Most of the times the most beautiful arrangements come out, with the occasional mistake of one note... i justify myself by saying ' my finger slipped' hihi. I started a Youtube channel in 2009. My username is 'Fashionstylemusic'. There you can find piano covers and tutorials :). I have a love for music in general. I cannot live without it! In the future I would love to learn how to play the guitar. I know some chords.. but that's basically it.. Eventually I want to play the electric guitar! That has always been my dream. Yes.. there lives a little rock chic in me haha.

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