Thursday, July 18, 2013

Curly Hair Routine! & HAUL

Hey guys!

I forgot to make a blogpost about a video prior to my curly hair routine video so I am gonna make this a post about two videos!

So I have been doing some more fashion & beauty shopping lately. Who doesn't love to shop! heehee
Anyways I have shopped for some new mascara's, Real Technique brushes (will do a separate blogpost about them) and Sleek make up. Also I have done some damage at New Yorker and River Island. If you would like to see the awesome stuff I have bought please click the picture below! Also be sure to check out the quality of my new camera! Hope you guys like the improvement!

 My newest video is about my Curly hair routine!  This was requested on some of my videos! Mainly on my Honey Face Mask video Click below:

So I hope this video is helpful please let me know on my YOUTUBE channel or on my blog :)!
But when it comes to my hair I don't use a lot of different products, mainly because my hair is fine and tends to look greasy really quickly! The products that I showed you are from l'oreal. It is a modelling gel cream and a gel spray. These products are really affordable and from the drugstore!
Click on the picture to go to my newest video :D!


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