Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Studded Leather Jacket

 Oh yes I did!
Haha hey guys!

So I've been wanting to buy a leather jacket with the studded look for so long! I really love the edgy look and... ok I'm just obsessed with studs haha. I've actually never seen them in stores even though I see a lot of people rocking them >.< Maybe I don't shop at the right stores... but anyways I got thinking... and decided to be a little creative and make my own :) *YAY* It probably has saved me a lot of money! I always imagine studded leather jackets to cost a fortune! I recently found this (fake) leather jacket and decided to get studding! Don't you just LOVE the blue color?! I do ^-^
OK so the necessities are:
- Jacket of choice
- Studs (mine are silver pyramid studs in 12mm)
- Scissors
- Needle and thread (try using a color closest to the color of your jacket)

That's all! So let's get studding!

First you gotta decide where you want to stud on the jacket. I decided to stud the front area... don't know how else to call that area lol XD. Other cool areas are the shoulders, collar, sleeves, back.. basically anywhere you want to :)

Now you're gonna let your brains get creative and decide how you are gonna place the studs. So, you're thinking of the shape. Below you can see that I've just put my jacket flat on a surface and placed the studs where I want to place them. NOTE: I haven't pushed the studs through the fabric yet! On the internet you can find some cool photo's on studded leather jackets for inspiration ;)

Once you've done that you're gonna cut a little bit of the seem on the inside of your jacket. Be careful! You don't want to damage you're jacket. So be patient :) I'm doing this so the back part of the studs won't be showing at all.
NOTE: I've made these two pictures after I studded my jacket ;)
 Now you're ready to stud the studs in place one by one. On my 'How to stud your bag- Alexander Wang inspired' video on my Youtube channel you can see how to do that. It's really really simple. Go have a little peek there if you're studding for the first time :)

Once you're done with that you are ready to fix the seem you had cut. This part I found annoying. I don't like sewing at all! haha but don't do this part messy because you're probably gonna be wearing your jacket a lot and you will regret it. So be patient it's all worth it :)
And now you're done! *HURRAY*!!! Now go outside and share your masterpiece with the world lol they are probably not even gonna notice it was a DIY project!!!
 My badass look... *sigh* XD

Good Luck everyone and I hope you'll have as much fun doing this as I did :D!




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