Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leopard print nails

Hey guys,

When I go shopping nowadays everywhere I look I see something with an animal print! It's really in fashion right now! I have been loving the animal prints for a really long time now & wanted to do something fun with my nails. So I decided to give a leopard print design on my nails a try. And I have been loving it a lot! If you are interested in seeing how you can get this manicure then I suggest clicking on the picture below haha :)!

Hope you like it!

Xoxo ♡


MD said...

Hey girl! I found you on Beautylish. Great blog and the nails are super cute.

Danielle said...

Great blog found you on Beautylish!!

new follower!!

kia said...

looks amazing! Will check out the video :) x

Alexa said...

Love it! love animal print!