Saturday, September 3, 2011

Closet ♥

After almost two years (yes two years) I decided not to postpone cleaning my closet anymore! So I started to throw everything out of my closet on the floor (I had so much fun haha) & lemme tell you.. the smile on my face disappeared when I had a look on the floor! I didn't know I had that many clothes :O?! I've had so many days that I just couldn't find anything to wear thinking I had nothing cute.... well it was probably hidden behind a pile of clothes... ~.~ I had to find a way to organize my closet so I would have a better overview of the things I got. So after sorting out my clothes I came up with this marvelous idea! At primark I found these extremely thin clothing hangers & they have saved my life... Now I can go shopping again hahaha.



(still not done, but look at the space I've created!)

Hope you liked this post & I wish you all a wonderfull day!


(ps: I do like the way my closet looked with the wooden hangers a lot more. It's a shame they take up so many space ~.~)

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