Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beyonce ♥ I was Here

Hey guys!

So, Beyonce came out with her fourth album called..... '4'! Personally I think this album is kinda ok... There are some songs that I think are amazingggg like 'Run the world', 'End of time', 'Best thing I never had' & ' I was here'! Love love LOVE those songs! But the rest is....ok I guess. Maybe I need to hear the songs a couple times more... i dunno. haha

I wanted to write this blog post about a piano cover I did of one of Beyonce's new songs. The song I chose is ' I was here'! Beautiful song if you ask me! Love the meaning of the song & the way B sings it.

Below you can see the link of my piano cover :)

Hope you enjoyed it!




Chrystynsview said...

I agree about the album

Makeup Insider said...

Hihi! I love this blog!

I found you on beautylish btw, following too =))

Ancilla said...

@makeupinsider Haha your comment made me smile :D! Thank you so much :D! I'm following too! X