Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Natural Make up ♥

Hey guys!

I like wearing make up but there are some days that I just don't feel like wearing any. I know you know what I'm talking about haha! But when I go out... I do like wearing a little bit of make up even though I'm feeling lazy for that day. So this got me thinking about doing a make up look that looks really natural! Below you can see the picture of the look I came up with.

This make up look is really simple to recreate & perfect for everyday! So for all the ladies who like wearing natural make up this tutorial is the one to watch!
Below you can see the link to the tutorial!


Hope you like it :)!

Wish you all a wonderful day!




Anonymous said...

Love your blog :) Here are some awards :) XOXO


Jessy said...

WOW you looks gorgeous~~~i think natural looking make up suits you sooo well~~~


(^o^) Vane *0* said...

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