Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sleek New Skin Revive Foundation

So, the other day I was surfing on the internet & I came across the foundation by Sleek. I've never owned anything by that brand, cause I thought it was only sold in the UK... Well, I found this site from the Netherlands that sells Sleek products & I was so curious to try something. I am always very hesitant by buying a new foundation since you never really know how your skin will react on it & it's very difficult to choose the right color.. especially online! I saw that Sleek was having these 'New Skin Revive' tester kits & I couldn't be more happy haha. They come in three different shades: Light, Medium/dark & Dark. I bought the lightest tester kit.

The lightest tester kit comes with these six colors:

Shell 627
Sand 623
Calico 641
Bamboo 624
Latte 640

With Flash

Without Flash

If you are looking for a foundation that gives good coverage I would not recommend this one. The coverage of this foundation is light/medium. It does have a very natural finish. This foundation is best to use when applied with a brush, cause its consistency is not very creamy. Below you can see the swatches:

With Flash
(From left to right: Shell, Sand, Calico, Bamboo, Latte)

Without Flash

(From left to right: Shell, Sand, Calico, Bamboo, Latte)

I really like that Sleek made these starters kits, especially when you don't really know what color your would need. If you were wondering, I have to mix sand and bamboo to get the right color for my skin haha. There is a lot of product in these testers, especially for the price! It's only €1,99 for six different colors. Very inexpensive I would say!


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