Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nyx Cream Blush

Hi y'all!

I have been wanting to try out a cream blush for such a long time! I had my eye on the Mac cream blush in the color posey. But knowing that there are a lot of different cream blushes out there I did not want to spend a lot of money on just one blush. Sooo, I decided to look for a cheaper one. I came across the cream blushes of NYX Cosmetics. They have a wide range of colors you can choose from & they are really inexpensive, so I really wanted to try them out! I have been using these cream blushes for a while now and I'm loving them! Below you can see the colors I bought:

The first color 'Glow' is a pretty mauvy rosy color. This is also my favorite one out of the four. Golden is a pretty neutral color & compliments all skin tones I think. Something that I didn't notice when I bought it, is that this blush has little glitter in it. Which is OK, but I prefer blushes without any shimmer. All the other blushes hasn't any shimmer in them. The last two blushes I bought are 'Red Cheek' and 'Hot Pink'. These two colors look very intense & sooo not wearable, but that isn't the case haha. 'Red Cheek' can give you that pretty natural red flush. I especially like this in the winter time, when it's super cold. You'll still have those pretty red cheeks. 'Hot pink' does its name justice.... it really is a hot pink haha.

With Flash / Without Flash
(Click on the image for a larger view)

The Nyx cream blushes are very creamy in texture and give you a beautiful natural looking glow. You really need the tiniest bit of product to achieve this glow. The first time when I tried it out, I put a little bit of product on my hand and that was already too much, so be careful haha. These blushes are very buildable & last all day when powdered with a loose powder on top to lock the blush in place. Below you can see the swatches:

From left to right: Red Cheek, Hot Pink, Glow & Golden
(Click on the image for a larger view)
I swatched these colors pretty thick, so you can see the color better. The swatches on the right are a little bit blended out, but this blush can be blended out until you will only see a tiny bit of color. The left picture is made with flash & the right picture without flash.

I hope you liked this post & have a great day everyone!




TJ Lubrano said...

You know my fave colors :D! You definitely need to look if they work as lip balm though.

Yes. Proceed with testing...

hehe ^_^

Ancilla said...

Oh that's also a possibility! I will certainly test that hihi :D