Friday, November 12, 2010

Animal prints for fashion!

When looking to this years fashion trends for fall I see a lot of animal prints, like zebra and leopard print. Normally I am not a big fan of animal prints, but even I couldn’t resist to follow this trend! I have bought these awesome leopard print sneakers, that I can’t seem to get enough of:
Shoes from New Yorker

How cool are those?!
But I am mostly liking the zebra print trend. From clothing to accessories, I’ve found products that I like :). Looking at my small collection of zebra printed products, I mostly like accessories!

Laptop bag from

Wallets. Left: Ebay Right:

Earrings and studs from: New Yorker (Left) & H&M (Right)

Some people are a little bit hesitant to wear anything that has an animal print. If you are one of those people & you are really liking this trend I would say that animal printed accessories are the best option! They are very fashionable in my opinion, not so obvious, but at the same time a subtle eye catcher. You could think of scarves, earrings & wallets. My advice is not to wear all of these things at once hahaha, that would be a little bit to much:P.

The last thing that I own regarding this subject & am very proud of is a zebra printed vest (New Yorker). When I wear this vest I like to keep everything very subtle, because it is such an eye catcher! Have a look:

I paired it with a black t-shirt, dark denim jeans (both from H&M) and black ankle booties (Primark). I apologize for the bad quality of the picture, but I think you can see what I'm wearing haha :)!

So in overall I really like the animal print trend! You could make it work & it’s all about how you style and wear it :)!

I hope you liked this post & have a wonderful day!



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