Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stupid in Love

Do you guys also love the music of Rihanna?!?!? Well, I do!!! Her new album Rated R is so amazing. I just can’t stop listening to it. I mean, songs like Russian Roulette, Hard, Wait your turn, Te amo and Stupid in love are so awesome! Besides that I love the whole album I think that those songs are my favorite ones. Well, a while ago when her album just came out I heard the song ‘Stupid in love’ and I simply fell in love with it. As you all know playing the piano is one of my biggest hobbies. I got so inspired to learn this song on the piano. After hearing the song I immediately sat behind my piano and started figuring out the right notes to play. And in one evening I knew how to play Stupid in Love on the piano! Rihanna sings this song with so much emotion and the lyrics are also very beautiful. A while ago I have posted my piano cover of this song on Youtube. I have tried to play it with feeling so I hope that it is noticeable haha. It is one thing to know how to play a song and another thing to play a song with feeling. Playing with feeling makes a huge difference in the experience of playing a song and for the ones who are listening to it. So, below you can see my piano cover of the beautiful song ‘Stupid in Love’ by Rihanna. Although I have made one mistake at the end (a mistake I regret very much, but I was to lazy to record a better version haha) I hope that you like it as much as I liked playing it!



mignonesia said...

Yes I do like Rihanna! Please dont stop the music sounds better sang by her. ^_^

Ancilla said...

Yeah I love Rihanna's version of 'Please don't stop the music'! I also love that videoclip!!! Makes me wanna dance ahaha :)

Dita said...