Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My First Blog!!!

Hi everyone!

I am Ancilla also known as Fashionstylemusic on Youtube. I am just a girl who loves to play the piano and who is interested in anything related to make up, beauty, style and fashion. Up till now I have been posting piano videos on my youtube account. But in the future I would like to post make up tutorials. The camera that I use now is not really allowing me to make those kind of videos! I have never really kept a journal, a blog or anything related to that, but I thought it would be fun to start one! So here I am sitting behind my laptop and writing my very first blog!! I am planning to use this blog to write about anything that I am interested about haha. This could be related to music, make up, beauty, fashion and drawing. These are just a couple of things that come to my mind right now haha. Anyway I’m very excited to start blogging!!



mignonesia said...

Hi sweetie,
my name is Dita, am peeking ur blog and want to say Congratulation for ur first blog and ur frist post!^^
I remember when I first start bloging back in 2008, my first follower was a model all the way from Turkey! Then I joined BC and meet ur sister TJ and many other great inspiring bloggers hahaha. U like fashion so
I will visit again and again. Hope its okay with u. Happy blogging!

Ancilla said...


Sorry for the late reaction!! I am not used to blogspot yet haha. I thought that I would get emails when someone comments on my post, but I guess not haha. I will check my account for that..
Thanks for following my blog :D Yeah my sister is the reason why I also started a blog. I am very proud of what she has accomplished up till know!
And I loooove fashion!! Everyday I think about it and I would love to go shopping every day, but that is not so good for my wallet ahahah. And of course you may 'stalk' my blog every day hahaha, your my very first stalker:P I'm honored hihi

Dita said...

Its ok Ancilla. Thank u!:-) U are as warm as ur sister. Keep posting and happy blogging to you!^^