Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet my sister! And my drawing style :D

Hi there,

I hope everyone is doing well ^.^. In this blog I would like to write about another hobby of mine. I don’t do it very often but whenever I have the time I really love to draw! My sister, TJ, also has her own blog. She is very into drawing and draws the cutest chibi’s ever. For the people who don’t know what chibi’s are it is the name for a specific anime drawing style. It are smaller versions (you can also call them baby versions) of the anime characters. If you are curious to see how she draws you can visit her blog here. But what I so like about her drawings is that she personalizes them, she can transform anyone into a chibi!!! She also made one for me ^.^. She just takes specific characteristics of a person and uses them in her chibi drawing. And the crazy thing is I always see who she intended to draw!! I think that they are so cute! I love her drawings ^.^ Well, I also love to draw, maybe not so much as my sister does but it is a wonderful way to spend my time with. What I think is so funny, is that my drawing style is very different than hers. I am more into the fashion style drawing; they are closer to the realistic world so to say. I thought it would be fun to show you one of my drawings. One of my previous posts was about my piano cover of Rihanna so I thought I could also make a post about a drawing I made of Rihanna haha. Don’t worry my blog is not only dedicated to everything that has to do with Rihanna hahaha. I have never taken any kind of drawing lessons besides school classes that were given. So I know that the drawing is not perfect, I am still learning :D But here you can see my drawing:

So, yeah that is my drawing of Rihanna ^.^. I did use a picture of Rihanna as a reference, but I cannot find that picture anymore. I usually don’t color my drawings, because I like the effect that a black and white drawing gives. I like to imagine the colors haha. Most of the time when I start filling the drawing in with color I don’t like the drawing anymore. It has lost some of its effect. I don’t know maybe in the future I will start using colors in my drawing but for now I like to see the pencil strokes. Well, I hope that you like this drawing and that you see the resemblance with Rihanna hahaha. Please let me know what you think about it.

Have a nice evening!!

Xoxo Ancilla

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